Deutsche Post certifies Wir Packen’s GmbH

Wir Packen’s has been recognized by Deutsche Post as a certified depositary for the products DIALOGPOST, PRESSEPOST, and POSTWURFSPEZIAL.

Deutsche Post has conducted a standardized audit to verify whether the company meets all the requirements for a competent and professional depositor of PRESSEPOST. The result: Wir Packen’s has been certified for reliable and outstanding quality in the regular deposit of large quantities of DIALOGPOST, PRESSEPOST, and POSTWURFSPEZIAL.

We would like to express our gratitude to Deutsche Post for this recognition of our performance.

For the sake of the environment

Wir Packen’s has received the 2017 GoGreen certificate from DHL. Wir Packen’s has compensated for a total of 2.73 tons of CO2 emissions in 2017 through GoGreen products and services. Through our contribution, DHL can offset these emissions by investing in recognized climate protection projects.

For more information about the DHL GoGreen project, please visit the DHL GoGreen certificate webpage.

A long-standing partnership with Deutsche Post

High-performance partner of Deutsche Post.
Infopost with Premiumadress (Deutsche Post).
Pressepost with Premiumadress (Deutsche Post).
GoGreen: CO2-neutral shipping with DHL.

Out of consideration for the environment

Ökoprofit is a modular consulting and qualification program that supports companies in the implementation and improvement of their environmental management.

Ethical Trading Initiative

Respect for workers worldwide

Wir Packen’s GmbH is committed to the ETI Base Code of conduct and implements it consistently throughout the entire company.

You can find the complete code of conduct here: ETI Base Code @Wir Packen’s.